Provenance Domain

Name ID Description
Name name Name of the BCO.
Version version Records the versioning of this BCO instance object. A change in the BCO affecting the outcome of the computation should be deposited as a new BCO, not as a new version.
Review review Describes the status of an object in the review process. Status flags: unreviewed, in-review, approved, suspended, rejected.
Inheritance /derivation derived from If the object is derived from another, this field will specify the parent object, in the form of the objectid. It is null, if inherits only from the base BioCompute Object or a type definition.
Obsolescence obsolete If the object has an expiration date this field will specify that using the datetime type.
Embargo embargo If the object has a period of time that it is not public, that range can be specified using these fields. Using the datetime type a start and end time are specified for the embargo.
Created created Using the datetime type the time of initial creation of the BCO is recorded.
Modification modified Using the datetime type the time of most recent modification of the BCO is recoded.
Contributors contributors . List to hold contributor identifiers and a description of their type of contribution, including a field for ORCIDs to record author information, as they allow for the author to curate their information after submission.
License license A space for Creative commons licence or other licence information. The default or recommended licence can be Attribution 4.0 International.