Description Domain

Name ID Description
Description Domain description _domain Structured field for description of external references, the pipeline steps, and the relationship of IO objects. Information in this domain is not used for computation. Capture information that is currently being provided in FDA submission in journal format.
Keywords keywords List of key map fields to hold a list of keywords to aid in search-ability and description of the object.
External References xref It contains a list of the databases and/or ontology IDs that are cross-referenced in the BCO. It provides more specificity in the information related to BCO entries.
Platform  /Environment platform The multi-value reference to a particular deployment of an existing platform where this BCO can be reproduced (Galaxy or HIVE or CASAVA).
Pipeline tools pipeline _steps   For recording the specifics of a pipeline. Each individual tool is represented as step, at the discretion of the author. Step Number (step_number), Name (name), Tool Description (description), Tool Version (version), Tool Prerequisites (prerequisite), Input List (input_list), Output List (output_list).