Execution Domain

Name ID Description
Execution Domain execution _domain The filelds required for execution of the BCO have been encapsulated together in order to clearly separate information needed for deployment, software configuration, and running applications in a dependent enviroment.
Script script Points to an internal or external reference to a script object that was used to perform computations for this BCO instance. This may be reference to Galaxy Project or Seven Bridges Genomics pipeline, a Common Workflow Language (CWL) object in GitHub, HIVE computational service or any other type of script.
Script Driver script _driver The reference to an executable that can be launched in order to perform a sequence of commands described in the script. For example if the pipeline is driven by a HIVE script, the script driver is the hive execution engine. For CWL based scripts specify cwl-runner. Another very general commonly used in Linux based operating systems is shell.
Algorithmic tools and Software Prerequisites software _prerequisites   Field listing the minimal necessary prerequisites, library, tool versions needed to successfully run the script to produce BCO.
External Data Endpoints external_data _endpoints An optional multi-value field listing the minimal necessary domain specific external data source access in order to successfully run the script to produce BCO.
Enviromental Variables environment _variables This is an array of key-value pairs useful to configure the execution enviroment on the target platform.